Lab Members

Leo Druart

Leo Druart, Ph.D.

Leo Druart, is a physical therapist originally from France. After obtaining his physical therapist certification there he worked as a clinician for a few years before involving himself in academia within his discipline. As such, he was a lecturer in the Department of Physical Therapy of the Medical School on the University Grenoble Alpes for […]

Maayan Rosenfield Alumni info

Maayan Rosenfield, MPH

Maayan Rosenfield, MPH, was an undergraduate research assistant during her sophomore and junior years at Brown University. She received a Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award to study the role of expectations in psychiatry. Maayan is now a Public Health Policy Consultant at Faulkner Consulting Group. B.A. Brown University, 2022 MPH. Brown University, […]

Julia Totten Alumni info

Julia Totten

Julia Totten is an undergraduate junior at the University of Virginia double majoring in biochemistry and music. She has worked as a research student in the Brown University School of Public Health as well as in the Pharmacology department at the University of Virginia.

Parker Lay Research Assistant info

Parker Lay, BS

Parker Lay, BS, has been an RA since November 2023. He received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Parker’s undergraduate research background comprised investigations in social psychology from an evolutionary perspective. He is interested in the effect of beliefs on psychological and physiological wellness. B.S. University of Wisconsin – […]

Michael Bernstein, Ph.D

Michael Bernstein, Ph.D

Michael Bernstein, Ph.D, is an experimental psychologist. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Rhode Island and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Brown University. He is an Assistant Professor in the Warren Alpert Medical School’s Department of Diagnostic Imaging. Dr. Bernstein’s research is focused on the overlap of cognitive science and medicine. He […]